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TruHR Solutions provides contract HR consulting because eventually every company needs outside, professional help for serious HR matters.

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TruH Solutions leads a variety of training programs that can be a great way to bring teams together and increase knowledge in specific areas to reduce risk and boost productivity.

Most Common Trainings

Management 101

Do you have a team of green managers that could benefit from basic employment law and communications education?

How to Interview

It’s a learned skill and we can teach your team how to make the right choices on candidates and ask better questions.

Conflict Resolution

Whether it be between coworkers, management, or vendors disputes arise use this training to develop more productive individuals who can work through issues.

Preventative Harassment Training

Harassment claims get expensive, teach your workforce how to stop them before they ever start!

How to Write + Deliver Performance Improvement Plans

It’s not just the step before you fire someone. Learn how to use these to your advantage.

How to Write and Conduct Performance Reviews

Take the discomfort out of performance reviews and let our team help you develop this powerful retention tool.

Effective Communication

Break down barriers and learn how to accomplish organizational goals faster.

How to Recruit + Hire

Finding and hiring the right talent can make or break productivity and team dynamics.

Discipline + Terminations

No one is perfect, but constructive discipline is an art. Understand and execute best practices.