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Providing Human Resources to Businesses

So they can focus on what their company does best

Our Approach

It is our goal to provide a professional, cost effective approach to human resources management regardless of the size of the business you operate. This HR outsourcing model benefits companies by providing a seasoned HR Consultant that will create and implement a tailor made “service model” to support your business goals and objectives. It is the flexibility and refusal of a one size fits all approach that sets us apart. We have a variety of HR service models that will support any organizational need whether you are looking to either outsource the entire HR department, assist in specific HR projects and or phone support and on-going consultation. Our philosophy is to listen, collaborate, and provide solutions that meet the needs of your employees and business.

The Team
Julie Wolfe - Partner

Julie navigates all things HR with an emphasis in compliance, employee relations and training. While companies often look to solve immediate problems, Julie comes to the table with swift resolutions and solutions to assist clients in running their businesses long term. TruHR provides clients a safety net so they feel comfortable assessing all employee topics.

Julie asks the right questions to create buy-in and provides unemotional, risk averse advice which has created a loyal client base that trust her with their most valuable investment: people. Julie is authentic and empathetic.

Julie loves to cook for her husband and enjoys traveling. Julie has a natural ability to make people feel comfortable. She welcomes people into her life and genuinely looks to help others.

Fun Fact: Julie is a twin!

Lisa Ornelas - Partner

Lisa brings real life experience to provide real life solutions. With an emphasis on compliance, employee relations and training, Lisa’s pragmatic approach brings integrity and simplicity to a process for her clients that can otherwise be daunting and hectic. These strategies build a better business community and clients become better employers. Lisa is able to lean on her down-to-earth demeanor to facilitate conversations about big picture business decisions.

It’s no doubt Lisa’s love for puzzles plays into her ability to navigate the complexity and moving parts of HR! With kindness at the helm, Lisa is passionate about carrying her strong values through her personal and professional life. She spends her free time with her family and dogs, and a good cup of coffee, of course.

Favorite business book: Good to Great

Jennifer Sprain - Senior HR Business Partner

Jennifer’s expertise in employee relations and compliance makes sure teams are happy and businesses are healthy. She loves providing clients with the feeling of accomplishment by helping them successfully navigate tough situations. Jennifer understands the legal nuances to protect business owners and brings her passion to the job.
An avid reader, Jennifer often settles in with a book. While she is outgoing, she may be an introvert at heart – enjoying quiet evenings watching cooking shows with her daughter. Jennifer has learned from those shows and frequently tries new recipes on her family.
Book recommendation for a Laugh: Life Will be the Death of Me by Chelsea Handler 
Andrea Edwin - Senior HR Business Partner

Andrea is responsible for building relationships and supporting businesses with critical decisions that impact their business and employees. She provides consultative guidance and creative problem solving to help companies mitigate risk to their business by taking emotion out of their decisions.

She has her PHR Certification, MBA, and 20 years of HR experience. Which proves that she is passionate about being a problem solver and providing advice on how to handle complex situations.

Andrea loves traveling and exploring new places but when at home in California, she enjoys hiking or going to the beach.


On Sunday mornings you can usually find her… sleeping in until noon then having brunch while watching Sunday football!

Lauren Fisher - HR Business Partner

Lauren helps leaders of organizations understand the impact they have on the success of their employees. Lauren understands the importance of proactive and effective communication and leverages this skill set to strategize and execute effective employment decisions with a mutually beneficial outcome. Lauren loves delivering these services with a great team of professionals who support each other and have platforms to collaborate so all decisions are made with multiple perspectives in mind and expertise available.

Lauren is genuine and enthusiastic, spending much of her time with family. She loves making breakfast for her husband and six kids, weather at home or while camping. She is an avid beach goer and is able to finds balance by volunteering at her children’s school. With an interest in wine, let her know if you have a good recommendation!


Current Read: Start with the Why by Simon Sinek

Taryn Albright - HR Business Partner

Taryn strives to strengthen a company’s core and help leaders make confident and consistent decisions. She focuses on the balance in protecting a company and supporting its employees.

Taryn received a degree from California State University Long Beach with a focus in Human Resources. She appreciates the basics that create a solid structure for a company. She believes a strong company core enhances resilience, long term balance, stability and strength.

The same balance Taryn stands behind professionally, she strives for personally. She focuses on patience and positivity and recharges in nature through hiking with her dogs.


Free-time Find: Great Restaurants

    Melissa Romig - HR Coordinator

    Melissa is responsible for payroll and benefit initiatives. She has been able to pair her education with on-the-job experience, resulting in a well-rounded perspective of the HR process. Melissa is committed to results, applying an efficient process to her approach. Melissa’s honest and upbeat personality compliments the rest of her TruHR team, providing an outlook that supports the best interest of each client.

    Melissa dedicates time to logic, crossword and jigsaw puzzles, enjoying finding various paths to solutions. She also loves hiking and mapping out trails to try. Melissa travels whenever possible, seeking new exciting adventures and coffee wherever she visits.

    Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice

      Landon Pinkard - HR Coordinator

      Landon provides assistance on the administrative side of client operations by simplifying the complicated aspects of the workplace. Landon focuses on communicating information when obstacles are present and creating a sense of understanding with the logistics surrounding decisions. Landon continues his education in the study of the field, learning changing policies and compliance.

      An avid sports fan, Landon and his friends won’t miss a Sunday game! He also enjoys listening to music, so recommendations are welcome! Landon is personable and easy to be around which is easy to see in his personal and professional conversations.


      Recommended Podcast: Pardon My Take

        Vianey Cifuentes - Consultant

        Vianey provides workplace solutions to improve performance, reduce liability and increase profits. She is passionate about helping other business owners achieve success. She has experience leading the human resource functions in union and non-union environments. She enjoys partnering with leadership to identify gaps and advising management in organizational policy matters.

        Vianey enjoys running and preparing for her next run/mud races. She enjoys spending her day at Disneyland with her two boys and is always on the hunt for the next best restaurant to try with her husband (Big foodies).


        Fun fact: Loves growing her own veggies!

          Jamie Welther - Consultant

          With 40 years of experience, Jamie is very knowledgeable in all disciplines of HR but her areas of expertise are employee relations, dispute resolution, compliance, policy development and project management. She is certified in the following: 

          • Extended DISC – Facilitate and Train-the-trainer
          • Kornferry Leadership Architect
          • Development Dimensions International (DDI)

          When she is not working she loves exercising. You can regularly find her on various hiking trails.

          Favorite Book: Anything authored by Vince Flynn, Lee Child or Michael Connelly

            Laura Cox - Consultant

            Laura’s goal is to understand organizational problems, and provide solutions and recommendations to meet those needs for employees and businesses alike.  She is passionate about getting the little details right while making sure that the big picture goals are the main focus. 

            With 20+ years of progressive and lateral experience across HR fields, in both large and small organizations, Laura is prepared to tackle any HR challenge or opportunity you may have. 

            Her downtime hours are spent with her husband and two boys, and you might find her knee-deep in a home renovation if the timing is right.  Or you might find her somewhere on a beach warm and sunny, as she a So Cal girl at heart.

            Bucket list item:  Seeing the Northern Lights (but being warm and cozy while doing so)

              Susan Schafer - Consultant

              Susan is an expert at identifying process improvement to drive business outcomes and guiding teams toward exceeding those outcomes! Making HR approachable and understandable is her ultimate goal.  By helping clients consistently solve their problems, Susan is able to provide tangible impact to the success of those firms.

              On Sunday mornings you can usually find her walking with her dogs to Starbucks!

              Podcast in her ears: The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes