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Andy Ellerhorst, Chief of Staff & VP of Business Operations – AppDirect

Julie of Tru HR has been a great resource to AppDirect and our Global People Team. When she joined, she jumped right into the interim role of Head of People here at AppDirect and wrapped her arms around our Global HR team. She helped us navigate all things HR, as we were in the middle of comp calibration, performance cycles and benefit open enrollment.  She also sat on the Executive Team and was able to fill in the gaps until our new People leader was hired.  I would highly recommend Julie of Tru HR no matter how big or small your HR needs may be.

Nicole Pham, Operations Manager – GB Wear

Over the years, GB Wear and Tru HR have merged to build a culture within the company. In a short time, we have successfully managed, developed team members, and thoroughly addressed concerns. Jennifer’s ability to adapt to scenarios and systems rather quickly has been a huge asset to our team. Our relationship and growing interest in the betterment of GB Wear has and will continue to inspire and impact me on a professional and personal level. Thank you, Jennifer, and the whole Tru HR team!

Chris Jackson, CEO – North American Commercial

TruHR is a cutting edge, dynamic HR Company. Their service and expertise has exceeded a 5 Star rating. They are knowledgeable, punctual and the virtual experience has been nothing less than amazing. I would highly recommend their services to any company who needs HR assistance. 

Jordan Tabach-Bank, CEO – The Loan Companies

We feel extremely fortunate to be clients of TruHR.  Julie and her outstanding team are extremely knowledgeable, unbelievably patient and perform every task in a timely manner with an unmatched degree of professionalism.  We have locations across the country and they are able to assist us in each jurisdiction in which we operate.  We have thrown some challenging issue their way, and they have managed to tackle each issue with competency and with a warm smile.  Julie and her team have assisted us with new employee handbooks, a new payroll system, as well as day to day employee issues. They know how to interact with employees and put them at ease no matter the issue.  Best of all, the foregoing comes at an extremely reasonable price; TruHR provides unbelievable value, simple as that. 

Bertha Renteria, Human Resources & Operations Manager – American Contract Furniture

I exclusively recommend TrueHR, our partnership is on a different level of professionalism than we have ever experienced with an HR service provider. I specially value the relationship I’ve built with Jennifer Sprain in the past 2 years. She continues to support ACF to be more strategic about our HR efforts, and continue to customize their support to align with our needs. As a small manufacturing company, we sometimes feel were below compliance threshold. Inaccurate these days with complex employee issues / laws. Jennifer / TrueHR provide guidance to ensure we’re providing and resolving our employee issues / concerns. Covid-19 specially, I would have not gotten through it without her.

Ellen Marie Bennett, Founder + CEO – hedley & bennett

As a small growing business, its important to have a partner that helps guide you on all the ins and outs of HR. Julie and her team were always there to support us and get things done in a timely fashion and we are forever grateful for all their help.

Vince Foley, President – Chartwell Escrow

TruHR has become an integral part of our company. We rely on them for so much of the day-to-day needs of running our business. Lisa and her team are professional, knowledgeable and responsive in every way. I consider them a partner and not simply a resource. I would highly recommend TruHr to any business, regardless of their size.

Shonna Berg, HR Representative – Rescue One

I can sincerely say that I am wowed by your level of professionalism, service and going the extra mile.  Julie and her team are fantastic to work with!  They are extremely knowledgeable and dependable.  They helped our company do a complete handbook and policy makeover.  The experience has been professional, efficient and of very high quality.  I would recommend Tru HR to anyone who wants a true professional for a fair price.

Courtney McCall, People Operations – adQuadrant

adQuadrant works with Lisa and her team as our HR Business Partners. They assist with managing the day-to-day of our business, including compliance, training, and hiring. The addition of TRUHR to our team has truly alleviated the stress of managing a fully remote organization. Thank you for being our partner in growth. “

Ryan Clampitt, Director of Marketing – ACPT

Our company was lucky enough to be referred to Tru HR. It has been a pleasure working with Lisa, Julie and their team. We are truly grateful for the wide range of support they have provided us over the years. Their team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of Human Resource management and compliance.  With our company growing at a rapid rate, we are comfortable knowing they are a partner and care about the success and longevity of our business as we continue to face more business opportunities and challenges along the way.

Chris Jennings, President – Charity Booster

With the complexity and fluidity of the California business/employment ecosystem, it’s reassuring to know that our partnership with TruHR is in place to help us navigate through it all.  We love working with TruHR.

Mitchell Scott Rocheleau, Owner – Rost Architects

Rost Architects has had a great experience with TruHR. They were able to help our company grow to the next level and take command of the HR related items in the firm. They have been organized, professional and a huge asset to our team. We highly recommend working with them.

Mike Meursing, Co-Founder + CEO – Versatile

I have personally worked with Lauren Fischer since the February 2015.  During that time Lauren has helped us navigate the complicated state and federal rules that impact companies like ours.  Lauren has been a key, trusted resource in helping us navigate many different regulatory challenges we are faced with every day.  We also worked towards developing the culture and we have seen great results from those intentional efforts.  Here we are 5 years later and the culture at Versatile has never been better, we have some of the most engaged employees in our industry.  The work we have done with Lauren has resulted in our team continuing to achieve double digit growth every year since.  To close, Lauren is not only great at what she does, she is a pleasure to work with and has a ton of positive energy that is contagious.  Partnering with her has been one of the best decisions I have made in the last 5 years.

Mike van Bemmel, V.P. Operations – New Century Auto Group

We have utilized the services of TruHR for about a year now, and we have always been impressed with their response time, efficiency, broad knowledge of the automotive business and their consistent professionalism.  We would highly recommend TruHR.  We have never been disappointed and have always been provided the support we sought.

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